Overview of work

What I do

Over the last few decades, humankind has witnessed a technological development without precedents. Nevertheless, we are not enjoying a period of real prosperity. Living standards have not improved in most countries. Eve
n economic growth is extremely weak. Why?

My conclusion is that we have a deep political problem related to increasing socio-economic inequality. Although this should be an essential question of our time, unfortunately it is masked by media and social networks noise. For this reason, the main purpose of my work is to dissect the causes of this problem and to make them accessible to a broader audience.

I have focused my research on housing since on the one hand it is a major source of profit for investors but on the other hand it is also a major source of public unrest. Thus, I have analyzed the financialization of housing through different perspectives: macroeconomic, business, social, political and historical.

The housing systems of many countries have also been the focus of my study. Housing systems are a political decision that shape a society in the long-run. Thus, countries with comparable economic and cultural backgrounds that share the same international landscape have housing systems that are extremely different in terms of indebtedness, property, social stratification, mobility and urban planning.

I have also looked into many specific cases related to housing and finance in cross-border investigations. To do so, I have analyzed the information from a wide variety of sources, public and private, across the world.

I am also specialized in the legal fight against corruption which is still an endemic problem in my home country.

Finally, the purpose of my work is to contribute with ideas and proposals for a real and shared prosperity for all.